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What our customers say about us.

"Phoenix guitars have set up, fret leveled/recrowned and repaired guitars I have had for over 20 years and made them feel fresh and new again.  (saved me money by being able to repair worn frets where possible.) Robs work is very precise and he is very thorough when assessing how he could improve and sort out any issues on the guitar he is working on. Great customer service priced right."

Kolin - June 2020

"Phoenix Custom Guitars set up my guitar to play like never before. The action now is so light it has made my ability to play this guitar so much better. Rob has an easy manor when discussing what he can do for your guitar and nothing is too much trouble. I thoroughly recommend his work to anyone."


Malcolm  - July 2020

"Being a new inexperienced guitar player, I took a secondhand guitar I just purchased to Phoenix Guitars mainly to get new strings. Rob had a look and not only replaced the strings but had a look at a few other things, adjusted and set it up for me to make it sound so much better! He gave me advice about the guitar, had a very friendly manner and seemed to genuinely want to help out of a passion for his work. He is very good at what he does! I would recommend again and will definitely return."


 Sadian July 2020

"Rob is a genuinely friendly and very helpful chap, has a great passion for his work and will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. He has just setup my ibanez for me, adjusting truss rod, polishing frets and levelling any high spots, electrics also checked and cleaned. Price for his work is very good. Keep an eye on his website folks, I foresee some cracking handmade guitars on the horizon!
Thanks Rob, top work and top bloke, was a pleasure 👍🤘🎸"

Aaron Nov 2020

'My father's old Spanish guitar had been hung above a radiator and stored in a damp attic for 50 years and was unplayable and twisted. Rob's patient attention to detail and excellent eye for restoring it just enough to make it playable, yet look like the old instrument my mother remembered, has made it a beautiful reminder of her husband and my dad. Heartfelt thanks to Phoenix for your customised approach and care. Highly, highly recommended!'

Liz Nov 2020

'Took my epiphone explorer to Rob for some upgrades and to cure some niggling issues. And I couldn't be happier.! Awesome service.. Couldn't recommend more.! 👍'

Ryan March 2021

'I had a Jazzmaster unfinished body and neck made by Rob and my plan was to finish it myself. For the body I wanted it made from a single piece of swamp ash so it could be finished without any joins showing. I found out that this was a tall order because no builder I came across could supply this.
I contacted Rob In the hope he might be able to source the wood and would you believe it he found it! He sent me over photos so I could choose the grain I liked the most and when he started building he sent me photos to show his progress.
He even made designs for a headstock shape and it was so cool and even better in real life.
I collected it the other day and I was blown away the second I saw it. The quality is top notch, the little designs he incorporated are so good and I am very happy with his work.
If I ever want another guitar built again I will be sure to come back to Rob.
Thanks Jake'

Jake March 2021

'Phoenix Custom Guitars set up my Explorer and fitted new Dimarzio humbuckers and new bridge. Plays fast and smooth, sounds awesome.

Many Thanks'

Carl May 2021

Rob is absolutely brilliant. I came to him with a half done project, needing some routing done on a strange body. He took it on, and ended up helping me with all the little parts of the build I hadn’t even considered. The best part - he really seems to care and you can see the passion in everything he does.

Alex March 2022

'Rob fitted a new Fishman pickup in my acoustic guitar... he took the time to find the right pickup for it, fitted it perfectly and also gave the guitar a good polish up before returning it. He takes a pride in his work and is friendly and helpful. I used the guitar at a gig at the weekend and it sounded great. Job done! Thank you Rob, I will return with the next project soon!'

Amanda April 2022

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