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guitar repairs
Servicing and Repairs

At Phoenix Custom Guitars and Repairs, we can offer a full range of guitar setups, modifications and repairs.

Regardless of age, brand or price range most guitars will play and sound better with a properly performed setup to your individual preferences. 

As each guitar is as individual as it's owner prices can vary depending on the scope of work required, but everyone likes to have a guideline on pricing so here are a few examples.

Minor Repairs:

We have a standard minimum bench fee of £17.50 for minor repairs/string changes etc.

Standard Set-up:

Consisting of complete guitar check over. Re-string, adjust action, neck relief, intonation. Clean and condition fretboard, clean and tighten electrical components. Polish frets and valet entire guitar.

 From £45 + strings


Full level and recrown from £80

Full refrets from £180 + parts

(above prices including standard set-up)

We will always give your guitar a full check over before any work carried out. This will include taking pictures of any existing damage, chips or scratches, protecting both you and us.

Should any issues or further work become evident, we will always contact you and discuss what we would recommend, including any additional costs, before commencing any work.

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