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Custom Built Guitars

Picture the scene - you walk into your local guitar shop with a fist full of hard-earned cash, ready to exchange for that one guitar that you really want and you spend hours trying out every single guitar on offer.


Some you like, some you loathe but there just isn't one that fits you, that calls you. One neck is perfect, another the body shape and contours were almost moulded to your form. Yet another has killer pickups and controls that just sing when you play, but it's only available in neon pink (don't knock it it can work!)


The result is you come away with a buzz from playing all those beautiful instruments, but with a sadness that nothing called you the way Excalibur called King Arthur.


Still with a handful of money, less what you spent on some strings and a pick. Well, you wouldn't want them to think you were wasting their time.


Sound familiar?

If only you could have that shaped neck on that body with that setup................if only!


 Welcome to the world of Custom Guitars


Here at Phoenix Custom Guitars, we will work with you to determine exactly what you want in a guitar. Our team will guide you through every aspect of your guitar from body design to the choice of tonewoods. colour and finish options, fretboard inlays, right down to what colour of screws you want on your strap buttons.


With an eye for perfection, every guitar build will come with an owners lifetime guarantee, including a free annual checkup and adjustment.


To get started or even just have a chat about how we can help please get in touch through our Contact us page


We look forward to bringing your dream to reality!

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